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Zibo guansheng chemical co. LTD

Contact: manager gao

Contact number: 86-0533-5887828

Fax number: 86-0533-5887829

Mobile phone number: 13581018111

Web site: www.overcafe.com

Company address: longquan industrial park, zibo city, shandong province, China


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Zibo guansheng chemical co., ltd. is a private science and technology enterprises, has a number of high, intermediate science and technology personnel, with strong research and innovation and technical support capabilities, is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales as one of the professional pharmaceutical intermediates production enterprises. The company is located in longquan industrial park, zibo district, zibo city, shandong province, covering a total area of more than 1000 square meters.

The main products of the company are: N, N '-diisopropyl carbon diimine (DCC), N, N' -diisopropyl carbon diimine (DIC), trimethylsiliconimidazole, etc. It is mainly used in the production of various antibiotics and antiviral cardio-cerebrovascular drugs, with advanced technology, and the product quality is at the leading level in China, reaching the international standard of similar products.

The company has superior geographical location, abundant resources, convenient transportation and developed communications. Relying on good corporate culture, excellent quality management team, first-class technology research and development team, intact manufacturing, research and development equipment and perfect detection means, the company provides strong technical support for product research and development and production.

Zibo guansheng chemical co., LTD. Will continue to adhere to the "integrity, win-win" business philosophy warmly welcome people from all walks of life visit guidance, multi-party cooperation, create brilliant.

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